Wednesday, June 30, 2010


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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Program, Duit & Problem..

Da lame tak tulis blog..

I think I have something short and important to share...

Kalau nak buat program kene ade duet n pastinya akan berlaku banyak problem dengan duet dan sebagainya..

Tak tau la masalah yang melanda akan mendidik menjadi lebih baik atau sekadar akan menambahkan rasa sakit hati di jiwa..

Kalau nak sesuatu jadi gempak, pelaburannye pown mestilah gempak, bkn nak mengutuk tapi it's da truth Money is the only important thing in a program..

Penin2... and I'm still prying dat wat we had plan will go as planned.. Insyaalah ( o Allah Help us ... ) ...

Kalau hasilnye menakjubkan ia mmg satu keajaiban...

I'm exhausted n tired.. But life must go on and problem will never stops..

I need to be Happy...

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Black robe v White coat

juz to cut it short, in this post I want to share something about black robe ( lawyers ) and white lab coat ( the doctors n etc. )

Few days back i attended an interview for a scholarship. in that interview, one of the panel asked me when someone has become a lawyer, everything that he will see is only money, is it true ? because i am not one ( yet ).

He also said dat as a receiver of the scholar, it must at last benefit the ummah and he asked me again how i will contribute to the ummah.

it makes me think dat, yes, a doctor will help to cure the sick people and he will be regarded as a hero and the society look up to dis profession as very good and heroic. every family will b proud if there is any family member who works in this field.

how bout law ? lawyers ( in the tipycal malay thought ) is a liar, double faced person and most probably will end up in hell.. even most of people around me at first feel quite distureb when i choose to be in this field.

well, i dun mind bout their opinion, thank god ( alhamdulillah ) dat my parents, family n ma friends are very supportive.

For me, for being in this field it is an honour for myself because i take it as a challenge..

last few days, i went to the high court in jalan duta.. it's kinda disturbing when I saw so few malays or muslims ( to be precise ) lawyers r there..this field have been monopolized by the others since the malay states history.

yes, i know that the law dat we'll be arguing is man-made law ( not Allah's law ) but it's not the power of us in the capacity of a normal citizen to change dat in a blink of eye. the only way to change it is by being inside the system because there is still room for islamic improvement ( like my ustazah told me ) where the future legislator n the people in the judiciary will implement...

how the implementation of the divine law can be a reality is by flooding the legal market with islamic lawyer ( my Dean's word ).

i want to ask u something, if u was caught for a crime dat u did not do, would u want to be helped by a muslim lawyer or some other non-muslim better lawyer ?? i'm not sure about ur choice. but i will certainly choose one who will help me with the reason more than money..

one of the panel aslo said this legal profession will make us cannot see the truth and only money is in ur head. yes it is.. but this both come together it co-existed ... being a doctor also will bring a very handsome profit as well as other profession. dat's is one of the purpose of getting a good job n studying very hard, we want to help our family, have better economic position.. is dat wrong??
and it's not freakin easy to make money. No matter wat work we r doing.. job n money comes together... when u work, u got money and when u dont work u got nothing.. so don't talk about being rich only...

so, i want to conclude here dat, no matter wat profession r u in or wat job r u doing, make sure it will benefit the people around you n make u happy. be sure dat u r doing the right thing n wat other people opinion about wat u r doing. take it but judge it with ur intellect. go on with wat u r doing. make sure it satisfy u and remeber Allah. hav fun with ur job.

thank you for being a doctor, an engineer, a phisician, a musician, an architect, a writer, a lawyer, a geologist a teacher, a police, a businessman. or even a blogger... =)

Thank you for doing it n benefit others, make the world more colourful, peaceful, and beautiful, remember doing ur job properly is part of ibadah....

have a nice day...

Friday, May 15, 2009

shop, shop, stop !!!

I waz juz finished wachin the confession of a shopahollic.

juz wanna share a piece of my thought..

what was emphasized in dat movie is dat we cannot be defined by materials, ( no matter what we wear, our size and etc. )

I do wana confest here dat i am not satisfied wit myself in various of aspects..

I'm fat, ugly, not good wit ladies n many more...

but i do realised what dat i owned dat some people doesnt... and I questinoed myself wanst it enough... why am i being so ungreatfull ??!! ,, why i'm trying to live in diz freakin world to satisfy other people... huh..

dat's what makes life tiring and become dull..

I do admit it is not easy to think what we have rather than hat we dont have..

diz life is short, we need to fill it with good things...( but sometimes we don't )
i juz wanna share what i got from da movie which is let's not make other people to define u.. it's ur life n it's ur own way to rock ur world!!!

go hav fun !! n don't 4get to fulfill ur obligations..

Friday, May 1, 2009

ubat paling mujarab...


dgr sini sape2 yang sakit, papejelah demam ke, saket hati ke, sedey baru clash ke ataupown bedengkor kuat ( ce perli diri sendiwi plak.. hehe.. ) try la ubat nie..

idea nak tulis pasal nie sebenanye muncul tadi waktu makan malam ngan family friend kat kedai satey.. ( huhu sedap tol satey tue =) )

my family friend tu ade anak kecik ( 5 taun kowt ) die tension sebab maenan die rosak n bapak die bising2 + telanggar kerusi kat kedai tue ( kesian ...) pastu nanges kuat gak r lame plak tue..
ajaibnye die dapat behenti nages pastu gelak lagy lepas dapat ubat nie...

nak tau ape ubat tue??
pujukan mak + belai kasih sayang seorang ibu..
wow... gahnye bunyi..

tapi btol... bile kite nages slalu sape yang pujuk ??? ( wktu kechik dulu la ) jrg sgt la bapak yg strt dulu..

so, wat's I'm trying to emphasize here is dat, for those who still have their mother, cherish and make dem happy..

it is normal for us early twentys ( i'm still a teenager... ) who started to hate their parents for various of reasons ... ( it happened to me to ).. believe me ... don't regret later..believe me, whateva they did to us is for our sake n benefits..

ingatla.. kitela harte yang paling beharga buat ibu bape kite.. jgn wat mende2 bodoh yang buleh menyedihkan diorang..

jangan sampai diorang da takde baru nak terase..

so, my dear friends, appreciate what u hav... ( and diz advise goes to me to )

I luv u mak !!!! heppy mothers day...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

we r suck !!!??

sorry if u think dat my topic is too harsh or dirty.
but dats is da truth..

yesterday, I went to KL book Fest in PWTC wit some friends. I found dat youth like us is very lazy to read anything ( juz like me ) I still remember, I read from somewhere dat students especially the Malays ( i am one ) are the most lazy group of people to read.

i disagree..

we are not dat bad.. if we are not readers that read, there would be no such thing as reading and having just because we don't read books, they labelled us as lazy. It just we are sick of books n trying to have a new means to read ( thak god to the one who invented this technology) we are called lazy.

We also read from other networking sites e.g. friendster, facebook ( altough a little ) but it surely will help us especially with our language skills because most of dis sites r in english ( if they provide BM, it sound a little funny to me... lol... ) it still helps us a bit.

don't blame us ( the so called 'lazy youth') if the books are too expensive... even local books are very expensive in market today ( don't talk about international books, dats even cost a treasure ). I wonder wat make a differnce between the prices of the book ( can anyone standardize the price according to pages ?) for god sake they r just papers...

so, I want to conclude here by thanking you for reading and be part of the virtual readers..

happy reading...=)